TensorFlow model files

I am trying to submit my code, but I cannot find my files in the dropdown.
I saved the model as a default TensorFlow file, it is (far) less than 16MB, and it is successfully loaded by the notebook.

Any insight ?
(In my case the missing file is named “napBot-full_model” if that’s any help)

Hi @teos ,

I think we’re only looking at files in the first level of your home folder.
Could you try to put your model under /home// and attach it while submitting your notebook?

Oh that’s why, we need to save our models as HDF5 files (.h5). Tensorflow default exporter creates a directory, not a regular file.

Thank you

Hello - You don’t need to upload your model, your submission has been well noted. Give us a few days and we will come with an example notebook where you can ‘learn’ your parameters and not be counted as time for execution. Your submission should be completely fine with that.
Thanks for participating. Lionel.