Rewards and licenses

  1. Hi,

if we want to use our points to submit a second strategy and/or ask for a coaching session, I have to do so in the submission “chat”. Is that correct ?
And in that case, are we limited to 2 strategies ? or 2 more (so 3 strategies total) ?
Also would both strategies be eligible to rewards ?

The licensing potential on the other hand has nothing to do really with the final ranking I am guessing. NapBot would choose which strategies are interesting to them, regardless of the scores, and could even choose to license both if that makes sense for them, right ?

Hi @teos,

The maximum number of submissions per Alphathon is limited to 2. (1 normal and 1extra using points).

However, please do note that only your best strategy (best rank) would be used to determine the winner and the runners-up for the Alphathon itself.

Licensing on the other hand is totally dependent on what the sponsors / asset managers select. They could select none / one / or multiple strategies regardless of the Rank.

Each user would be eligible for licensing fees on each of their strategies being licensed.

We are also working on a few different new offerings and they would be revealed soon.


Thank you

Also, does the partner (NapBot) makes that decision solely based on metrics you provide ? or can they have a detail look at the actual implementation ? or maybe at least have an explanation of what it does and how it was built ? (would we be put in direct contact with them ?)

And how long that process usually takes ? Since they probably want to see the actual performance on unseen data. The last 6 months of 2021 certainly contains interesting data (and drops), but is that enough ?

They or any other Asset Manager would be provided with detailed metrics of each strategy and a description of the model itself.

Alphien acts as a platform and intermediator between the users and the Asset Managers. Therefore you would not be directly interacting with them.

Once a strategy is licensed, you can continue to improve and evolve your models with different versions. A plan would be setup between yourself and our quant team.


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