My strategies


After closing a competition, our submitted strategies are listed under the “My strategies” tab in the Dashboard. But the report does not seem to be updated (at least not often, currently since September).

Since you keep paper trading (for potential licensing purposes), could you share/update the performance of our old strategies more often ?
Do you have plans to improve that part of the website ? it would be nice to have access to a graph, and some numbers on how well it tested over time, even long after the competition has closed.


Hi - yes we share / update all strategies which are paper traded. The strategies should be updated on a daily basis except if there is an issue on the paper trading side of one of your strategies.

If your strategy is not updated, it means the paper trading is failing, I would suggest you send back the strategy for review (you submit for feedback) and we will look at the paper trading of this particular strategy, update the track. This is indeed important for good strategies like yours.

As per website improvements I let @manas answer this part of the question.

Thanks again. Lionel.

Hi @teos
Yes the UI improvement is in the plan. Maybe you could send me a message on chat with the things you would like to see and we could consider moving those up in priority


The “My Strategies” part of my dashboard is also stuck on September.