Gold Precious Metals Competition Quandl Datafeed

I know some of the people may want to run algorithm in third-party software. After finishing the model, just move the code to Alphien.

Gold Precious Metals Competition

Gold: Quandl

Silver: Quandl

Plat: Quandl

Pall: Quandl

please choose USD PM (Gold Fixing Price at 3:00 P.M. (London time) in London Bullion Market, based in U.S. Dollars).

PS. I am not Quandl employee. I share this because I am kind. BTW, have fun.

Please note that the LBMA fixings are not the assets of the competition, the fixings are not taking into consideration the rolling price of the futures or the storage costs of gold and are thus uninvestible assets, their returns are highly correlated with the BBs.

We are at Alphien keen to help improve the coding environment and would welcome any suggestions as our favorite approach is for you to code as much as possible on Alphien. Alphien Lab should facilitate this process.

Good luck with the competition and happy coding. Lionel.

how about this Ls?

LBMA - Precious Metals Prices

These prices are spot prices - they don’t take into account storage costs and are thus not investable. For physical gold (as per LBMA) spot price, if you hold it (except if you keep them under your pillow - in which case you should probably insure for theft) you need to pay for storage (vault, safe). Storage costs are included in the rolling of the futures contracts which is in the BBs provided to your for the competition.

I hope this clarifies. Cheers, Lionel.