30 seconds

Hi Alphien Team,

I see there is a 30-second time limit for the new cryptocurrency challenge.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that, but I’ll give it a try!

What kind of solutions are you expecting for this challenge?


We need a strategy that works with ‘zero lag’, which means the signal is going to be calculated very close to the fixing time in order to be able to replicate it. We are working on a framework that we will release soon of how to ‘train’ your algo let’s say on a monthly basis (the training can obviously take more than 30 seconds) but still on the day the algo would need to run in less than 30 seconds.

Give it a try with a simple ago first and if you have issues on it you can use your card to get a session with me and I will help you make it work !

Happy coding… Lionel.

Supplementing with a link that might explain more.
Guide to lag in Alphien


Thanks, Lionel. That sounds great.

Is the content available for everyone? Saw the message “content is not available”.

Hi eternallines,

It should be fixed now. Please let us know if you are unable to view the page.

Thank you!