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James Aitken – Market Implications of the Situation in Ukraine

James Aitken is the Founder of Aitken Advisors, a one-man macroeconomic consultancy based in Wimbledon, England that works with approximately one hundred of the most influential pools of capital in the world. He has been a repeat guest on the show, sharing his deep understanding of the inner workings of the financial system. Our first conversation from back in 2018 including his background and process, is replayed in the feed, and the rest of the episodes are available on the website. This time around, our conversation covers James’ perspective on the unfolding situation in Ukraine and its implications on markets. We discuss the shift in risk tolerance, friction in the plumbing of the financial system, interaction of energy markets and ESG, inflation and interest rates, reserve currencies and crypto, and his most important takeaways.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 45m

The Eagle Alpha Episode

In this episode I speak to Niall Hurley of Eagle Alpha. Eagle Alpha, an alternative data aggregator, is one of the more established names involved in alternative data having first started in 2012, and Niall took over as CEO last year. In our conversation, Niall and I explore the whole alternative data market together, along with Eagle Alpha’s place within it.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 55m

Why The Greatest Natural Gas Trader Walked Away To Pursue Philanthropy

In today’s episode, we start with John’s rapid rise at Enron and later launching his own fund, Centaurus Advisors, which posted eye-popping returns and led him to become the youngest billionaire in the US in 2007. We talk about the mindset that helped him become a successful trader, and even touch on the time he took the other side of Amaranth Advisors in a famous trade. Then we hear why, before the age of 40, he decided to wind down his fund, focus solely on philanthropy, and commit to giving away most of his fortune during his lifetime. We talk about some of the problems he’s tackling around public finance, election reform and health care, and hear what has surprised and frustrated him along the way.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 1h 10m