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For this episode, there are 3 more podcasts for you to listen to.

Jon Talks to Mark Cuban: Billionaires, Basketball, and Bitcoin

We’re back, baby! We’re kicking off 2022 with billionaire/colonoscopy bargain hunter Mark Cuban. Jon and Mark discuss the American Dream, barriers to entry, and why tying healthcare to jobs makes no sense. And what’s a chat with a tech billionaire if crypto doesn’t come up? Jon is joined by show writers Tocarra Mallard and Rob Christensen to talk national anthems and Jon’s experience at the White House.

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Adaptation To Change ft. Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

Hari Krishnan is joined today by Co-Founder Chairman of Capital Fund Management (CFM) Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, to discuss how news drive price action, and some of the science behind the large price movements, how we should think about adapting to changing dynamics such as correlations, Jean-Phillipe’s background in physics and journey into finance, the effectiveness of the Bloomberg terminal, using dimensional analysis for research purposes, the inelastic market hypothesis, differentiating yourself as a Trend Follower, and the connection between volatility strategies and high frequency data.

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Crypto Accounting, and What Every Analyst Should Know

A conversation with Vivian Fang, University of Minnesota. Hear where analysts and portfolio managers should look, according to one of the most advanced thinkers on crypto accounting. Professor Fang’s recent research has studied issues related to managerial myopia, financial fraud, social media disclosure, and cryptocurrencies. Her work has been published in top-tier business journals and featured in various media outlets, including Bloomberg, CNBC, Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.

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