After a short year end holiday, we return with more podcasts that we thought could interest you. Do not hesitate to comment/debate on them in our forum. For this episode, there are 2 more podcasts for you to listen to.

ETFs Go Into the Metaverse

The day that Mark Zuckerberg announced he was changing the name of Facebook to Meta Platforms, the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF ($META) found a new trajectory. Since then, the ETF—which holds companies such as Nvidia, Roblox, Unity, Microsoft, and, well, Meta—has seen assets grow 6-fold and volume jump 50-fold.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 20mins

From Allocator to Manager at LB Partners

Our conversation covers Chas’ path to allocation, lessons learned at UVIMCO, key aspects of successful manager selection at Investure, and his passion for and transition to direct investing. We close with the application of lessons to his investment process.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 80m