Here is another selection of podcasts, we thought could interest you. We are looking forward to your comments through the forum to continue improving this new service to the community. While we work to be able to share more with you in the near future. For this episode, there are 3 more podcasts for you to listen to.

Meb Faber – Mistakes were made

Meb Faber dials in from sunny California to tell Alex and Frank all about betting the house on a biotech stock… and losing. Spoiler alert: options are involved. As are some classic investor misbehaviors including overconfidence, a lack of diversification, and poor (well, no) sell discipline.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 30m

Improving Capital

George Aliferis speaks to William J. (Bill) Kelly, protector of the investor, global ambassador, and CEO of the CAIA Association. We discuss his career, the role of certifications such as the CAIA, and alternative investments.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 20m

Alex Rampell - Investing in Operating Systems

Alex Rampell is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. We cover Alex’s framework for positive selection in investing, why the best investments are often operating systems or systems of record, and Alex’s views on the future of fintech.

Click here to listen - Estimated Time Needed: 80m