Paris, April 3, 2019 - Alphien, the French start-up that connects the financial industry with scientific research, joins forces with Lyxor Asset Management (a subsidiary of Société Générale Group) and Liberté Living Lab, expert in open innovation, to organize a research project on socially responsible investment. This project takes the form of a three-day datathon organised with Liberte Living Lab in which Alphien provides its technology and quantitative research platform.

The aim of the datathon is to deepen the understanding of the links between financial performance of assets and Environmental and Social (ESG) criteria of companies in investment decisions and to identify factors that may encourage the orientation of savings towards sustainable finance. Alphien provides its platform to facilitate the study and integration of these ESG criteria into investment strategies. The datathon runs from 3 to 5 April in the premises of Living Lab Liberty in Paris. Many Researchers with complementary profiles, combining data scientists, designers and investment professionals, collaborate in the development of a model that links ESG behavior of companies and performance of their assets. The scientific study is carried out directly on Alphien’s secure platform, thanks to its integrated technological tools, specifically developed to perform quantitative analysis.

About Alphien:

Alphien is a fintech based in Paris. The start-up connects the financial industry with the world of scientific research through its interactive platform. On one hand, Alphien provides researchers with the technology and data they need to test commercialize their work. Alphien thus opens an access to technology and data hitherto exclusively reserved for specialized management companies, such as hedge funds and other mutual funds. On the other hand, Alphien allows financial institutions to organize competitions on the platform in order to submit investment thematics to the best researchers and benefit from the results of their research.

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