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A Decade of Deep Learning: How the AI Startup Experience Has Evolved

The artificial intelligence field has evolved dramatically since the deep learning revolution kicked off in 2012, and Richard Socher has been around for all of it. He earned his PhD from Stanford working on NLP (natural language processing) before co-founding an AI startup called MetaMind in 2013. He then spent several years leading the AI team at Salesforce (after it acquired MetaMind) before tackling the search space with his new startup, you .com, in 2021.

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Here’s what 10 of the world’s best investors are saying about the current market outlook:

Michael Burry, Jeremy Grantham, and other elite investors are bracing for stubborn inflation, a painful recession, and further declines in stocks and other assets. They’re undoubtedly feeling confident in their predictions right now. US inflation surged to a 41-year-high of 8.6% in May, the SP 500 and Nasdaq indexes have slumped by 19% and 28% respectively this year, and the US economy will officially be in a recession if GDP contracts for a second consecutive quarter.

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Hedge funds battle against volatile markets in May to consolidate 2022 outperformance

Nick Evans writes that a challenging month in May produced mixed results for most hedge funds as volatility intensified across global financial markets, although several strategy areas are still showing strong gains for the year and substantial outperformance against major equity market indices.

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Gaining Momentum: Where Next for Trend-Following?

We investigate trend-following’s strong performance in the first five months of 2022 and consider the outlook for the strategy given current macro-economic themes.

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