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Do Crypto Hedge Funds Generate Alpha, Or Are There Merely Providing Beta Exposure?

Hedge funds have started to dip their proverbial toes in the water of cryptocurrencies.

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Hedge Fund Outlook 2022: Inflows rising amid inflation

Hedge Fund AUM grew to an all-time high of nearly $4 trillion in Q3’21, driven by returns over more than 10% and inflows totaling $24 billion. These results mark the third consecutive year of double-digit growth. Based on their latest investor survey, our Strategic Consulting team expect this strong momentum to continue building as investors appear more bullish across all hedge fund strategies.

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Cryptocurrencies: The Power of Memes

The idea that cryptocurrencies will disrupt traditional finance is a meme, not a certainty. Cryptocurrencies are innovative, but to be disruptive they will need to overcome several difficult hurdles. Rather than overcome these hurdles, cryptocurrency has morphed into a permanently speculative investment vehicle, for which disruption lives forever in the future.

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